The Order of the Green Cross

Peace and Many Years. This past week of March 12, 2018, was one of adventure for me as I became a part of a wonderful family across the country in Salt Lake City, UT. HSH Douglas Bailey and HG Brian Bayley graciously invited me to attend the 2018 investiture of the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross. The experience, I am happy to say, was far more exciting and heart-warming than I had expected. Art projects with kindergarten through 6th graders, who were making a unique “quilt”. The quilt is being created by students who are either visually impaired or hearing impaired, so not only was there appealing visual qualities, but also very appealing tactile qualities. A beautiful investiture with dedicated artists, philanthropists and warriors! The Investiture took place with the support and assistance of the Murray, UT Make a Wish Foundation. There was also delightful meals with great company and stimulating conversations, that covered a wide range of topics but included the philosophies that the OACD shared with the Dynastic Order of the Green Cross. As well as the ideal that the church creates nobles and rulers through the sacramental act of anointing, that the word ruler means “a way to measure”, so a ruler is a servant whose job it is to emulate the way those under them are supposed to behave. All in all, I must say that my visit to Salt Lake City was wonderful! This is world-changing work that I will gladly be involved with, as I support the trinity of the “Orders of the True Cross.”