Chaplaincy Ecclesiastical Endorsement

The Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar is now affiliated, through the agency of HE The Most Reverend Father Jeremiah R Orosco, PhD, MDiv with the Coalition of Spirit-Filled Churches, for the purposes of endorsing clergy for military, hospital, hospice, fire department, police, and paramedic chaplaincy. The Coalition of Spirit-Filled Churches is an independent endorsing … [Read more…]

Cinnabar Quill – Welcome Reverend Father Meinrad

  Please welcome Reverend Father Meinrad, Feast day of December 3rd. Ordained by Tau Mikael III Basilides and assisted by Tau Nicetas. “I wanted to take a moment to give thanks to Tau Mikhael III Basilides and Tau Nicetas for their beautiful work yesterday in elevating me to the Order of Presbyter πρεσβύτερος. Of course, … [Read more…]

Cinnabar Quill – The Priory of the Rose Cross

On December 3rd, 2016,  Fra. Michael Robert McDonald, Prior of the Gnostic Church of Dharma and Virtue will be formally received into and receive  ordination into the Royal Priesthood as a presbyter of  the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar, Sovereign Catholicate of the Inland Seas. “Frater Bob” has headed the Gnostic Church of Dharma and Virtue … [Read more…]