Holy Wisdom, A Sunday Message

The lesson is taken from the words of the Holy Prophet Mani:  The man whose mind is full of light is the one to whom belongs wisdom; as soon as he hears truth he welcomes it to himself; but he whose mind is without light, who is alien to it, does not take it to … [Read more…]

An Ash Wednesday Message

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Ash Wednesday is upon us.  As we in the Priory of the Rose Cross follow the Western Rite/Gregorian calendar we celebrate this day which is a day of fasting and repentance.  Ash Wednesday is the precursor to the Lenten … [Read more…]

An Unplanned Teaching

This week’s Sunday message will not be about the readings in the Lectionary.  Rather I want to talk about what happened to me today. I was in a severe car wreck.  It was not my fault and the events that transpired were out of my control.  One moment I was fine, driving to my secular … [Read more…]

Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

“O our Father, our God, our Savior, our Ruler, allow us to be Thy champions, allow us to do battle for Thee! O Maiden, our Beloved, the Living fire, we shall give ourselves to Thee, we shall give our body to death for the sake of Thy body, and give our beauty for the sake … [Read more…]

Remembrance of the Confession of St. Peter

  In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Today we remember the Confession of St. Peter, the Rock of our Church, First Patriarch of Antioch, Founder of the Apostolic Line of which I am an inheritor through the priestly ordination from my Patriarch, Metropolitan Catholicos Tau … [Read more…]