Chaplaincy Ecclesiastical Endorsement

The Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar is now affiliated, through the agency of HE The Most Reverend Father Jeremiah R Orosco, PhD, MDiv with the Coalition of Spirit-Filled Churches, for the purposes of endorsing clergy for military, hospital, hospice, fire department, police, and paramedic chaplaincy.
The Coalition of Spirit-Filled Churches is an independent endorsing body which exists to assist ministers in becoming professional chaplains. In December of 2000, the CSC was elected to the membership of the COMISS Network.

The COMISS Network is the very prominent pastoral care advocacy organization whose constituency is composed of most of the major religious endorsing bodies; the primary pastoral care educational, membership and certifying bodies (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, Association of Professional Chaplains, American Association of Pastoral Counselors, American Correctional Chaplains Association, National Association of Veterans Affairs Chaplains, and National Institute of Business and Industrial Chaplains); as well as such endorsers’ membership organizations as the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces, the Endorsers Conference for Veterans Affairs Chaplains; in addition to the specialty Veterans Affairs chaplaincy membership groups and major institutional employers of chaplains.

The COMISS Network is the sponsoring organization of the COMISS Commission on the Accreditation of Pastoral Services (CCAPS) and Pastoral Care Week. For seven years, the Endorsing Executive served as a voting member or alternate of the Professional and Technical Advisory Committee of The Joint Commission on behalf of the COMISS Network. The CSFC is an endorsing body, which supports over 4 dozen churches nationwide with the purpose of endorsing and recommending qualified clergy into diverse areas of chaplaincy ministry. This means, an ordained member of the OACD must meet certain standards to qualify for endorsement from the CSC chaplaincy.
An Ordained member of the OACD must have:
An accredited Masters of Divinity degree with no less than 72 credits.
An accredited Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Theology, Philosophy, Science, or Religious studies.
1 – 2 Units of Clinical Pastoral Education or CPE.
2 years of full time professional ministry as a chaplain or congregational minister.
Once a member of the clergy meets these qualifications, one may request to be an endorsed chaplain from the CSFC by contacting His Beatitude, Tau Mikael II Basilides. Once the approval has been made by His Beatitude, one can then request ecclesiastical endorsement from the CSFC. Know that I remain available to answer any questions concerning Ecclesiastical Endorsement.
Very Respectfully,
HE The Most Reverend Father Jeremy R. Orosco Ph.D. M.Div.
Chaplain United States Air Force / Emerald Hospice