Cinnabar Quill – Welcome Reverend Father Dennis L. Wainscott


Ordained December 3, 2016





Please welcome Reverend Father Dennis L Wainscott,  December 03, 2016 – Feast day of Saint Francis Xavier. Ordained to the Royal Priesthood in the rank of Presbyter (Priest)  by Tau Mikael III Basilides and assisted by Tau Nicetas.





“As a Priest (Chaplain) for the Order of the Knights of Saint George, I will strive to uphold the teaching of mercy and love that Jesus Christ and God the Father has taught us to uphold. I will also teach to those who need teaching, I will be taught by those who teach. I will lift up those who have fallen, be merciful to those who need mercy and love those who seek Love.” ~From Reverend Father Dennis L Wainscott ~


Reverend Father Dennis Wainscott will also be assisting the Hillsdale Justice Project, a local court watching organization, and a project which the Esteemed Prince Grand Master of the Order supports and works with, in various cases.