Finding yourself: A Sunday Message


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Last night was an exciting time for my family. I had the honor of watching my wife, after 10 years of continuous study, work and struggle achieve her Masters degree in Occupational Therapy. I watched as she was awarded her Academic hood and received her Diploma following the official conferral of the degree by the President of the University.

I listened to the commencement speaker and found that in her words I saw a consistent theme among the graduates, and a theme that can be readily applied to our spiritual work as faithful in this world.

The theme was that nothing of merit is gained without the striving to better ones self. We cannot move forward unless we take the first difficult steps and continue taking those steps even when the outcome may seem so distant and almost unattainable.

In many ways we form our reality and the outcome of our story. Personally, as I have pushed myself and been encouraged to grow in my knowledge of Liturgical practice, I have found that I have grown, I have gained in knowledge. As Gnostics we pursue knowledge because we know at the very heart of knowledge resides the throne of God.
The Commencement speaker talked about how through her trials and struggles she changed but then reflected that it was not truly that she “changed” rather she discovered her truest self in the quest to attain a better life. Once reaching that place where she had long envisioned, she found herself there waiting for her, and in that recognition and union with her higher self she became a new creation, one that was intended from the onset of her journey so long ago.

As I have seen my wife these many years go through her trials and struggles I have seen someone emerge from those obstacles more self-realized than before. Through her quest for knowledge and the pursuit of the future that she only saw in her mind’s eye, through her forging ahead when the task seemed insurmountable and when doubt was the most powerful force in her life, she became a new creation, and like the commencement speaker, a creation that was also intended from the onset of her journey.

If you feel that your life has stalled, if you feel that you are going nowhere please remember that your story is not complete, there is so much yet to do and this halting feeling is simply your soul allowing you to realize that it is time for the next transition. You must now begin your journey. Through intuitive knowledge of the divine workings I have realized that our plan will only truly manifest when you make a decision to know and then to pursue your true self. This pursuit will come with obstacles, hardship, doubt, pressure, and at times fear, but through these illusions you await yourself.

It is time you found that person.

In service to the Logos,

Msgr. Meinrad, n/OSC – Priory of the Rose Cross