Message for the Third Sunday of Advent 2016 c.e.

“The Messenger of Light, who comes at the right time and assumes the form of the true church and human flesh, and acts as leader within righteousness, chooses the personalities of his disciples and then frees them, both those of the Elect and those of the Hearers; he dives down into the deep oceans of the waters of the world, and draws them out from the jaws of the deep. And they do not stray again, but after other rebirths and toil for the Light, they come to the hands of the Angels; and the Angels carry them to the places where they shall be refined as pure gold.” ~Words of the Holy Prophet Mani

It can be said that I have lived much of my spiritual life down in the deep ocean…In fact you could say that I swam in the oceans of darkness taking delight in the abyss, both around me and within.  With much hubris I considered myself a collector of titles and disciplines.  I approached these disciplines out of ego gratification.  Through pain and trial I began to experience a humbling of my spirit.  Within that humility I once again saw the flicker of the light of Gnosis, true Gnosis.  I have opened my heart to the reality and fullness of the Logos.  I found my way back to the place where light exists and I began to find in myself a peace that had not been felt all those restless years.
I have been set free in a way.  Recently, on December, 3rd 2016 A.D. I received Holy Orders and was ordained first a Deacon and then Presbyter of the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar.  It was in this holy rite that the weight of my journey, the culmination of my wanderings and the crystallization of my vocational desire came to a powerful vertex.

It is said that the presence of God is felt and moves within you during such a moment.  I found out that this is true, but my experience was so unique, and so subjective, that to attempt to describe it would be foolish on my part.  My mind can only grasp the moment in emotional waves.  Since then I have seen the world with a new purpose and mission.
I felt the power of apostolic benediction, truly for the first time in my life.  I gained personal knowledge of its manifest potency.
Yet for all of this, one would think that I would gain some grand elation, some feeling of empowerment.  In truth, I was humbled to the core of my being.  The holy rite broke through my ego into the deepest abode. A place where the third eye is turned inward and the Golden path is laid bare.  I felt for a brief moment the Divine Current.
It is in this inward reflection that the words of the Holy Prophet Mani find purchase.

As Christ moves through the universal forms as the supreme and infinite Logos, we are chosen for our purpose and placed into the grand formula.  All reality is as the Logos wills.  We are kept in dark cellars of our own design.  It is when we touch the intrinsic truth, which is found in the pure Gnosis that we glimpse a shadow of the vast omnipotence of the workings of the Lord.

From there one finds spiritual relief.  We are the craftwork of the Grand Architect of the Universe and it is in this blueprint that we must put our trust.
We submit our will not so that we become diminished, rather so that we may return our inner being back to the source of all that is, was and ever will be.

In service to Christ and his church,
Reverend Father Meinrad, Priory of the Rose Cross
Message for the Third Sunday of Advent 2016 c.e.