Net Neutrality: A message from the Priory

Greetings in the name of the Indwelling and Triune God of which the Logos manifests to humanity through his life, passion and resurrection.

I am speaking on a topic that may seem political…it is not, it is on a matter that could profoundly change our trajectory as Independent Sacramentalist faithful.

Net neutrality will affect the Independent Sacramental Movement profoundly. Will it disappear? No, it most certainly will not. I learned of the Independent Sacramental Movement in my teens through a Gnostic church that advertised, not on the internet, but through a local neo pagan “Zine” and also in our local newspaper…so, no, the movement would not die.

However, the movement will take a tremendous hit if the FCC destroys net neutrality. We communicate openly and freely in our current state of neutrality. We have freedom to express our beliefs and those beliefs made available openly to seekers who in large part happen to find us on the internet. If they succeed in destroying net neutrality, smaller communities could very well become isolated from the larger body of Independent Sacramental adherents. Our Church bodies and Jurisdictions are not monolithic and most of us do not have the financial means to secure a presence that moves beyond a small region, city or town that we operate out of.

Our clergy, myself being included in this, are not paid to be clergy and thus we are just as exposed to the potential burden of cost that the loss of Net neutrality will cause.

We do not truly know how much control a company could potentially wield while controlling the information that we see. The Internet was never intended to be strictly regulated in this capacity. While I have often said that we take the bad with the good in regards to the internet, when utilized properly it is a powerful tool in which we share our message. Through this freedom that message is and always has been received by those who need it most. Some of our greatest clergy and laity in the independent sacramentalist movement would never have known about it if not for the availability of information and ready and neutral access of digital information that the internet provides.

My own Church, the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar is on the internet and in combination with that website and the social media we have been found and found individuals that have contributed greatly to the furthering of the Damcaran vision. I myself initially used this resource in order to contact members of the church. As a result, I was able to get to know, become friends with and ultimately join the OACD. All due to the freedom of access I had on the internet and social media.

I am unfortunately hearing support of what the FCC wishes to do by those who seem to blanket support a political party. Understand that this is not a political matter to be used against another person. All political parties are human constructs and are prone to failing at some point. There is not one person who was not let down by their politicians. We cannot look to them to be honest with us in this regard. Especially with the overwhelming evidence that the politicians in question have been sold to the highest bidding corporation. We must unite in one voice. If that does not happen, the divisions created will allow those who wish to take the freedom of equal access away from us gain a solid platform in which to slip through their agenda.

Do not mistake my aim in this message. I am not speaking as a politician. I am speaking as a Priest regarding an issue that could change our lives. This change would not be for the better.
Do you think that if net neutrality is destroyed that will be the end of it? Do you think that we will simply move to smaller pay for play packages and the only inconvenience will be a minor increase in cost?
No, it would just be the beginning of a broader change that would subtly occur over time that would eliminate all speech not controlled or endorsed by the Corporatocracy that has gained tremendous power and influence over the last several decades.

Something so simple to individuals, and at times so unimportant to individuals, could be a tool to help further rewrite the destiny of a people into the servitude of soulless corporate bodies. Abominations that are wrongly considered “individuals.”

Any good Gnostic or Canonical Christian should see this regression of individual freedom and ascendance of corporate power as abomination. For it is indeed Abomination in its most pure form. While many of you squabble over outdated and unenlightened outrages and waste your time picking people apart for simply expressing the intention of the creator we have let an evil grab hold of our throats.
There is a rising wickedness and it will wash us in a tidal wave of control and slavery, more so than it already has.

The Truth? The Truth is that despite our understanding the evils of Corporations, we are bound within them. We are also victims of them.

Bank bailouts after they destroyed lives! The manipulation of the financial system causing income inequality! Excessive pay for CEOs! Our National resources, including our own people, individuals imbued with the divine souls exploited, overused and disregarded. Used only to be of benefit and pacified until they are of no more use to the profit drive of soulless “individuals” called corporations. Is this ok to you?

Where we can, in such an issue as Net Neutrality we must create a momentary pause of the growing power of these insidious and corrupt entities. While we cannot escape what is, we can work to change it into what it could be. We still have some breath left in our collective body and we must use every last bit of it to stay above the deep waters. The Future depends on the now.

In service to the Logos,
Chorbishop Monsignor Meinrad, Vicar – Priory of the Rose Cross and the Oratory of St. Francis
Curator of Liturgical Rites for the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar