Office of the Conservator of Initiatic Rites

In the name of the Essential, All Powerful God, existing in HIMSELF, bound in heart and spirit with all the Holy Aeons that inhabit the Divine Pleroma, who pray with us and assist us. AMEN.


GREETINGS, PEACE, and APOSTOLIC BLESSINGS, in the name of the Very Holy PANTOKRATOR, the KRISTOS SOTHER, Our Mediator and Illuminator, and the SOPHIA HAGION, for the unity of all in the Splendor of the Divine Pleroma. AMEN.

Whereas the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar embodies the Divine Aeon called ECCESIA in a form that preserves and invigorates certain Mysteries passed from Master to Disciple by way of secret Initiation, both figurative and actual, according to the traditions of certain Schools, Orders, and Lineages of esoteric formation and benevolent Work,

And whereas,

such INITIATION makes ready those dedicated souls who would follow the Divine Logos in the Royal Priesthood as well as through other vocations to advance in the continuous work of becoming evermore worthy vessels of Divine Grace and Power for Holy service,

We, +Gregory, by the Grace of God +Nicetas, Apokrisarios of Damcar, on behalf of the Grand Magistery of the Metropolitan Catholicos of Damcar, His Beatitude Tau Mikael III Basilides, have deemed it right and prudent that Our Very Holy Church should maintain within Herself a special Office with the prerogative and duty to acquire regular initiation to the highest degrees of these Schools, Orders, and Lineages; also, to archive the curricula and ceremonies of these same Schools, Orders, and Lineages;


to approve a schema by which advancement in the initiatic Mysteries is properly recognized for its benefit to the formation of our holy clerics, as well as recognizing any limitations such initiatic formation may impose upon the instruction of these clerics so that supplemental instruction shall be available and offered when needed;


to ensure that Work undertaken in the traditions of these Schools, Orders, and Lineages shall be done with discipline, decorum, and regularity; ultimately, to facilitate the opportunity for communities dependent of the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar to be availed of these Mystery Traditions for the good of clergy and laity alike.

At the present time the Office of Conservator of Initiatic Rites is being executed by Ourself, the Apokrisarios of Damcar.  Future reassignment of these duties and prerogatives is at the discretion of His Beatitude, the Metropolitan Catholicos of Damcar. It behooves initiates of such Mystery Schools, Orders, and Lineages to communicate their special dignities to this Office;  reciprocally, any seeking initiation are invited to petition this Office for assistance and facility to obtain what they seek.

+Nicetas, Apokrisarios of Damcar,  Conservator of Initiatic Rites.