The Metropolitan Catholicos

Tau Mikael III Basilides has been a student of the Western Esoteric Tradition and related subjects for thirty-three years, with a special focus on the Autonomous Sacramental Christian Movement and Christian  Sacramental Gnosticism for the last twenty  years. 

Tau Mikael III holds Apostolic Lineages through the Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian,  Malakaran, Old Catholic, Russian, Syrian, and Ukrainian Churches, other Ancient Apostolic Patriarchates as well as from Le Eglise Chretiens Primitifs, La Iglesia Gnostica Catolica Apostolica, Primacia de Colombia and the Ecclesia Gnostica Joanita, and other Modern Neo-Gnostic Churches.  His Beatitude is also a Martinist Free Initiator (S:.I:.I:.) in the O.M.C.C lineage, and a member of the Sanctuary of the Gnosis, of Count George Boyer, of Thrice Blessed Memory.

Tau Mikael III is an avid student of Ecclesiastical History, Canon Law, Chivalry and  Chivalric Orders, Old and New Testament Apocryphal and Pseudopigraphal Texts, and Alternative Health.

Tau Mikael III has preferred working as a modern “Wandering Bishop”, providing the Holy Mysteries to those not presently affiliated with a church, but who are in need of a Christian cleric.

Tau Mikael III has worked with the homeless in Omaha, Nebraska, and prior to that at a shelter for HIV and AIDS patients in the mountains of Julian, California.

Tau Mikael III lives with his family in South Central Lower Michigan.


*”Tau” is the title of a bishop in the lineage of Tau Valentin II, the Founding Bishop of the Modern Christian Gnostic Sacramental Movement, and “Catholicos” is title of the Primate (Primary Bishop) of certain Oriental Churches.