The Sacred Forms, a Kabbalistic Meditation

The Sacred Archetypes, Finding the Wizard, Knight and Saint in the Pillars of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We as Apostolic Deacons, Priests and Bishops and the Laity of our Church exist within the structure of Damcaran Esoteric teaching which has been handed to us by our Catholicos, Tau Mikael III Basilides and contains therein the sacred understanding of the three fold path of the Wizard, Knight and Saint. Each Archetype could be understood to be Equivalent to an Element, but instead of being generated from the sources of the earth itself, it is generated from the core of the Divine mind of Humanity.

To understand the threefold path understand that we exist in a philosophical, religious system that is infused into the cosmic trinity. We worship and serve the Triune God. We serve the sacred cosmic and divine current represented in the Etz Chaim, the Tree of Life supported by the three pillars. We will look into the correspondence of this sacred teaching. We will learn about the sacred ways of service for those that worship in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ which resides in the ethereal realm at the mystical Temple of Damcar.

Our Metropolitan Catholicos has taught, and has wisely understood that those who travel upon the esoteric path naturally fall within the embrace of the World Tree and as such seem to find synchronicity within the archetypal modes of sacred function. These are represented in the three form way of the Church of Damcar.

Way of the Wizard(The Left Pillar); Pillar of Form, The Pillar which contains the sephriot Binah, Gevurah, Hod

The way of stability and consistency lie within this pillar. The Wizard, who is diligent in the study and pursuit of Knowledge, Such as an Alchemist or a Ceremonial Magician will transmute that study and information and Consistent practice into Divine Knowledge, bringing together the Sacred Gnosis of their unique and sacred path.
Existing within this pillar is the Sephriot of Netzach which is concerned with the concentration of and awareness of Matter-Energy. It is this awareness that brings about the drive and impulse to manipulate space/time and pursue the creation of Change through the means presented by their acquired practice and knowledge.
This Pillar has also been referred to as the Pillar of Severity, and rightly so. It is in the calculated methodology of the Wizard where one’s personal drive, discipline and study are put to the test. Their Craft is honed through an almost scientific approach to the Esoteric arts.
It is to the drive and determination of the Wizard where we see the energies represented in the Left Pillar take root. As they work their method they travel up the Universal Tree toward Godhead, through the history found in the sacred and ancient Grimoires and in the workings of their minds and bodies they pursue and seek to attain true Gnosis.

Way of the Saint(The Middle Pillar); Pillar of Awareness, The Pillar which contains the Sephriot; Kether, Da’at, Tiphereth, Yesod, Malkuth

You find the way of Earth through the tree toward Divinity within this great Pillar, and like the Saint who works within the world, the mind is consistently occupied with the Primal source of Creation. Divinity is the goal of the Saint.
The pursuit of the Worship of Divinity and the ultimate reward of the Labors of the Saint being the merging with the Godhead. In this Pillar one also finds the Secret Sephriot of Da’ath and the Sacred Veils that one must approach in pursuit of the nature of consciousness. It is in the work of the Saint to pursue the Hidden realms through divine connection.

The Saint allows the energy to flow through them. Instead of working the energy like a sculpture in the methods of the Wizard, the Saint will allow the Divine current to shape them as a stream of living water will shape a rock. The instinct of the Saint is to live firmly in Malkuth and reach toward Kether and experiencing the realities of Da’ath.
The Saint keeps the third eye ever open and seeks to remain the continuous conduit of the Sacred Lord of all Creation.

Way of the Knight (The Right Pillar); Pillar of Matter Energy, also the known as the Pillar of Force, the Pillar which contains the sephriot Chokmah, Chesed, Netzach

Within this sphere exists the highest forms of the Divine masculine energies. It is in this pillar that we find the Sacred Way of the Holy Knight. Within this pillar exists the Sephriot Netzach which is the way of victory. It is in the nature of the knight to seek not only justice and mercy for the innocent but victory in their workings within the world. The Sephriot Chokmah is the highest form of selflessness, which is the primary drive of the Knight. Much like the Saint, the Knight seeks to diminish the self for the greater good of others.
One does not find the true Knight pursuing the call to Knighthood for selfish reasons, rather, in the desire of pure service. The Knight does this by active pursuit, and much like the Wizard seeks to hone his discipline through rigor and the perfection of earthly crafts. Since the Knight, while a Spiritual Warrior must also pursue this discipline through the means of the world. It is to the Matter/Energy spectrum that they are bound. Unlike the Wizard whose form and workings remain predominately ethereal, the Knight is a child of Steel and it is in the Elements of the Earth, the Matter formed from Divine energy that the Knight draws strength and purpose.

Finding the balance

Those who naturally fall into these forms will find that while they are used as meditative forms for esoteric exploration and spiritual guidance. They are in no way considered a way to limit the individual into a discipline devoid of the experiences of the other forms. Rather, one will find that they exemplify and are part of all three forms in various ways. The Ultimate truth of the methods of Kabbalah is that we are all one, united in the Sacred Logos.
We exist within this sacred Universal and Cosmic Tree as part and parcel of this holy truth.
Allow these sacred teachings to imbue in your heart a desire to pursue your pathway.
Allow the forms to dance in your minds as you explore their realities and do not shy from what you will discover, for it has manifested to accentuate your Sublime Pilgrimage toward the indescribable face of God.

IN Service to the Logos,
Chorbishop Monsignor Meinrad n/OSC, Curator of Liturgical Rites, Vicar – Priory of the Rose Cross, Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar