The War Within: A Sunday Meditation

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Within the hearts of each human exist a chamber containing a throne. This throne is reserved for the intelligent essence of Evil, in whatever manner you choose to recognize it. Is it natural human intuition? Is it conscious wickedness? Is it the manifestation of our Lower self? Is it all of the above in unity within itself, our Yetzer Hara? Whatever name we wish to give it and however it has been generated, it exists. We have a place for it in our hearts.
The question to ask yourself is this; do you place guardians at the gates of this chamber who are armed with the angelic shields of the Pneumatic self? Do you lock the gates of this wicked domain and seal it closed with the Wisdom of God?
Now continue to ask yourself, do you instead decorate that chamber with lavish expenditure and create a comfortable abode for the Evil that you invite to dwell within those walls and upon that throne?

We are the battlefield of God, we are the war that is taking place and it is when you understand that this war began and will end within ourselves that you will take your first steps into Gnosis of the nature of all things.

As for me, I will wage war against my evil inclination, sometimes I am weak and go into battle and am beaten, sometimes I find strength and defend what I know to be true and right.

We are seeing recently that many have, whether they are conscious of it or not, given in to this wickedness and allowed the spirit of this darkness to seduce them. They live within their Yetzer Hara, giving such wickedness uncontested reign.

Please resist the darkness of hatred and the intoxication of selfishness. Fight to help those who have fallen regain their connection to the Spirit of Life. This war has been waged since we developed our divine mind, before the first shaman set the soul alight with the fires of sacred ceremony.
We must do this until the very end when the Logos will make all things as new.