Unity amid Diversity

Since the establishment of the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar,  Sovereign Catholicate of the Inland Seas as a distinct facet of the Body of Christ,  She has been honored to enter into a state of inter-communion or support and amity with several Sacramental Christian Communities,  for the purposes of mutual support, ecclesiastical cultural exchange, and Christian Fellowship.

The Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar has concordats of inter-communion with –

Apostolic Church of the Golden and Rosy Cross

Cénacle du Sangreal

Eglise Gallicane Apostolique de la Nouvelle Alliance

Eglise Gnostique Chaote

Fraternité Saint Julio & Villate

Liberal Catholic Church-Eastern Rite

Priestly Society of the Inner Light of the Christ

Primitive Catholic Church

Saint Apostolicon Nazôréen

Union Apostolique Gallicane