Without Compulsion: A Sunday Message


IN the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am going to cut to the chase today because the ridiculous nature of the events around the world provoke to dive into the heart of the matter.

There is no compulsion nor should there be legislation regarding religion. To encourage such behavior promotes the further deterioration of a trust in God.
I have covered one issue earlier in the week on my facebook page and I won’t spend any time rehashing it for this blog, I have it set to public so if one is compelled just go to my facebook page and check it out. I will have a link to it at the end of the message for this week.

The issue that I am currently attempting to wrap my mind around is the enforcement in Ireland of a “Blasphemy law” on outspoken Atheist activist and actor Stephen Fry. Ireland…I am Irish, I am North Irish to be precise, and my own family is no stranger to the struggles and strife imposed by sectarianism. In some ways my great grandfather was radically affected by it in his life. So as we in America would watch as the troubles came and went, we knew that it was sectarianism that fueled the fires of what is essentially a cultural dispute between native Irish and the minority Ulster Scottish population. Still, it was fuel indeed. Set ablaze by “Spiritual leadership.”

As Irish we have more often than not found ourselves on the right side of history, I have been proud of the social reformers and progressive minds that have emerged from that small Island to influence the world.
Another export that I have always been proud of is the beauty of our culture.

Unfortunately that beauty is being sullied by a law so wrong and inappropriate that I can scarcely believe it exists.
Stephen Fry, in talking about God, referred to him as an “utter maniac.”
Do I agree with what he says? I don’t have to, because the god he is referring to I don’t even recognize. The God that I know through the divine intuition is not truly spoken of in this regard.
The statement was so simplistic that it I couldn’t even generate any real concern for it, He simply has the right to say anything he wants to about any deity. That is how I feel about it. Why do I need him to be silent? To protect my thin skin? To save my feelings? To not hurt God’s feelings????? Are we serious here?

It appears sadly that some are, and they have opened an “investigation” as to whether any laws were broken….and we have now given those who have been hurt and have deep mistrust of the faithful even more reason to run as fast and as far from us as they can.
By creating compulsion in faith, you remove god from the equation and simply utilize the idea as a mechanism for control. In this behavior, god is nowhere to be found and naturally this compulsive activity is rightfully seen as empty and pointless.

If you continue to expose people to this radical ridiculous mindset then all they will know and all they can relate to when hearing mention of “God” is this blatant idiocy.
Charges of Blasphemy??? Anyone who upholds such a law should be ashamed of themselves…they take themselves in this act of abuse so far from the presence of Gnosis that they are themselves made into the mindless cogs of the Material.
They use the name of God to gain power but it is just a husk, an illusion and unfortunately it is this illusion that people can be largely exposed to.

So in this regard, if this is how God has been presented to you, through theocratical manipulation and forced compliance, how could you NOT feel that God is a maniac?
You cannot force someone into a belief, there is evilness in that practice.

What do we do as faithful? How do we combat the false god of abuse, manipulation and control?

We start simply by doing a couple of things;

1. Speak out against any action taken by any system whether it is theological or secular that seeks to limit by force the potential of the human being. Where art, speech, literature, music, or social freedoms are censored or controlled to adhere to a worldview that is supposedly based on faith alone or on the whims of a small population or person, then you MUST speak out! You must speak out as a servant of God that this action or practice or law is contrary to the freedom found in the heart of the Logos.

As Gnostics we have been freed of the bonds of illusion and we must be, as we have always been, the voice that speaks out first in defense of those who are being pressed under the stones.

2. We must be humble. We must accept the reality that people have suffered in the name of faith. We must accept that the teaching and memory of Christ has been used as a tool for oppression and we must allow the voices to air their grief and express their mistrust without allowing our ego to take what is being said as an indictment on us as individuals.
This is your obligation, to stand firm as Gnostics so you can express the spirit of Love, speak with the wisdom of the Holy Mother and heal those who are in pain as the Supreme physician has healed us.

This must be done with absolute service and without the slightest bit of disregard. While doing this one must stand firm in their own walk…People must see the Eucharist being celebrated in the spirit of inclusion. People must see us Priests our Leading Bishops and our brothers and sisters who are Deacons be active in our pursuit of the righteous path of love and unity.
They must see YOU the faithful and you must work to open hearts through example, not through proselytization.
You must demonstrate the truth, you must be the lighthouse. This is your duty as servants of the Logos and children of the Holy Mother.

It is time for you to act, now more than ever, before everything good about our faith dies prior to the bloom, suffocated by the weeds of corruption.

In service to the Logos,
Monsignor Meinrad,n/OSC – Priory of the Rose Cross

The link to the post mentioned in this week’s message;


The above picture represents the Blessed Fr. John McNeill standing up and speaking out for the marginalized, Blessed Fr. John McNeill Pray for us.