Wolves in sheep’s clothing: an urgent message from the Priory


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I hate to do this, to waste time on this. Instead of speaking of the matters of the spirit I have to speak on an issue that is affecting us in this material realm.

Today I am talking about a man who has defrauded thousands of dollars from countless apostolic institutions and is seeming to do so with such a cavalier disregard that I scarcely believe that this is reality, but unfortunately, it is all too real.

Fabio Sebastian Cruz, pictured above, has stolen hundreds of dollars sent in good faith by our church in order for him to come to our apostolic institution and share apostolic lineages. Our Metropolitan Catholicos, having been given a good word about this gentleman, opened his heart and extended his hand in friendship to this villainous swindler.

In an exchange which has now been publically posted on the Facebook page of the Metropolitan Catholicos, one clearly sees how this individual, the Thief Cruz, took money sent in good faith with no intention of following through on his end of the agreement.

You must understand our culture in this matter to better understand the hows and why’s of this happening.
We as Independent Sacramental Apostolic and Liturgical Catholics, Orthodox and Gnostics have a culture that is very close in practice to our earliest apostolic ancestors. We also have a unique feature in our tradition where we view Apostolic lines as being sacred and seek to gather the spiritual manifestations of these lines much in the same way Kabbalists seek to gather the sparks of the divine in order to create a better world.
With each acquisition of Apostolic lineage we are uniting what was once fractured. We as Independent Sacramental Bishops, Priests and Deacons seek to unite what the world has divided and this method is one powerful way that we can further achieve the important work that we are charged with.

So what you will find in many instances are Bishops sharing consecrations, “cross consecrating” and sharing lineages in order to more fully unite the ancient and apostolic culture that we all actively and passionately embrace.
This requires our Bishops to travel, to “Wander” if you will, to where the need must be met. Independent Bishops whether Gnostic, Catholic, Orthodox or Oriental Apostolic all do their part to help seal this breach. This is a feature of practice that you simply do not see in the Roman Catholic, Orthodox or even Anglican branches of the Mainstream churches.

So understand that when our Metropolitan Catholicos contacted the fraud Fabio Sebastian Cruz, he was keeping in consistent tradition with the culture of our people. He was seeking to share apostolic lineages and in order to do that, as we are all mostly self-supported, he sent money to Cruz in order that he may come and share lineages that he claimed to hold. Money that he worked very hard to collect, through physical labor, time and effort.
We come to find now, regarding Fabio Sebastian Cruz that his claims are spurious and we cannot determine what is genuine from what is fabricated.

As soon as the money was sent his tone dramatically changed and he became almost a comic book parody of a villain in his manner of speaking to our esteemed church Father.

We soon came to learn that we had unfortunately been the victims of fraud, and despite the good intentions of those who vouched for him, Fabio Sebastian Cruz made the decision to dive fully into his criminal accomplishment.

Come to find through contacts with other Apostolic bodies, Fabio Sebastian Cruz had also defrauded other Apostolic bodies out of countless thousands of dollars and it is feared he is continuing to do so.

So I write the message this week in a plea to other apostolic bodies that read this. DO NOT ASSOCIATE with this man, he is a criminal and a fraud and his actions are destroying the traditions of lineage sharing that we all hold dear and sacred.

In my frustration I did write him, and he responded to me in a manner that caused me to momentarily forget my station and the work I do as an Apostolic Priest. Some cuss words were exchanged and for that I am not proud. But yes, it was due to my anger and my frustration at seeing victims openly mocked and Bishops of my church ridiculed. That message exchange was shared with my Metropolitan Catholicos and when the time is right to share that message it will be made available.

As of now, you are encouraged to read the exchanged between my Metropolitan and the Criminal, Fabio Sebastian Cruz which will be included in a link below this article.

I hope to God that no other apostolic body ever has to suffer at his hands.

In service to Truth found in the Logos,

Msgr. Meinrad, n/OSC – Priory of the Rose Cross


P.S. Proof Positive found here: